C0009 Egipto

FP039: GCF-Marco de Financiación de Energías Renovables del BERD Egipto

C0009 Egipto

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  • Fecha de recepción 28 de septiembre de 2022

In September 2022 and November 2022, the IRM received two complaints related to concerns over working conditions and access to grievance mechanism in the Benban Solar Park, with relevance to FP039. The complainants were formerly employed by the company Health and Safety Home, working at various projects in the Benban Solar Park. The complainants raise several allegations regarding working conditions and labour management issues, including quality of food provided and differential treatment of employees in terms of salary, benefits and promotions, prevention of access to grievance mechanism, and retaliation for filing complaints. Complainants have alleged lack of community development in the village (Benban) where the project is based. Complainants have indicated that they are not seeking confidentiality, but per the IRM's risk assessment, the risk of retaliation remains high. While the IRM is not granting confidentiality, the identities of the complainants will not be disclosed in public communications, per the risk assessment.

After the two complaints were declared eligible, the case entered the initial steps phase, during which all parties indicated their willingness to resolve the issues through the problem solving process. In a joint meeting held on 14 and 15 December 2023, the case reached a partial settlement through a comprehensive Problem Solving Agreement, addressing the community concerns and outlining a path forward for collaboration between BSDA and the Benban community.  The IRM has now initiated monitoring on this part of the case.

Additional complaints related to employment matters were handled separately. Following the conclusion of the problem-phase, one complaint was referred to compliance review as of April 24 2024. The compliance appraisal for this complaint concluded on 12 July 2024 with a recommendation to proceed to compliance investigation.

A second complaint initially reached a problem-solving agreement and entered into monitoring. As of 14 July, monitoring on the agreement was no longer feasible and the complaint has since been referred to compliance review. The appraisal process for the second complaint has commenced.

Estado del caso


28 Sep 2022

Elegibilidad / Investigación preliminar
Primeros pasos y elección del proceso
Resolución de problemas
Problem solving agreement
Evaluación del cumplimiento
Investigación del cumplimiento


Former Workers at Benban and Community Members

Naturaleza del perjuicio planteado

Condiciones laborales y de trabajo
Mecanismo de reclamación del proyecto
Lack of Community Development

Políticas planteadas del GCF

Política medioambiental y social
Normas medioambientales y sociales


Título Versiones
Queja nº 1
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Queja nº 2
Inglés | العربية
Determinación de la admisibilidad - Demandante nº 1
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Determinación de la admisibilidad - Reclamante nº 2
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Aclaración sobre los plazos
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Primera ampliación de los plazos
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Segunda prórroga de los plazos
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Informe de los primeros pasos
INGLÉS | العربية
Problem Solving Agreement - Community-Related Complaint
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Extension of Time Limits - Problem Solving (Provisional)
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Extension of Time Limits - Problem Solving (Final)
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First Problem Solving Conclusion Report - Community related matters
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Final Problem-Solving Conclusion Report – Labour Complaints
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Extension of Time Limits: Request for Secretariat Response
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Extension of Time Limit - Compliance Appraisal
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Informe de evaluación del cumplimiento
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Detalles del proyecto

Número del proyectoFP039
Título del proyecto GCF-Marco de financiación de las energías renovables del BERD en Egipto
País Egipto
Entidad Acreditada BERD
Áreas de resultados
Generación y acceso a energía
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